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How to Purchase Computer Memory

    • 1). Find out what memory you have. In Windows, go to the Start menu and choose "Control Panel." Click on "System and Security" and then click on "System." You will see the amount of RAM listed. Write this down.

    • 2). Read your computer manual to determine how much memory your computer can hold and what kind of memory it uses.

    • 3). Open your computer case and look at the memory slots. See if you have any available. If you have available slots, you can purchase one or more sticks, depending on how many spaces are open.

      If you have no spaces, you will have to replace your current sticks with RAM with more capacity.

    • 4). Go to a reseller and purchase the amount of RAM you need and the type your computer uses. You can go to a computer store or order online. RAM comes in different speeds but your computer manual should have listed the speeds your computer can use.

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