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How to Attract More Opportunity

Yesterday the air was buzzing.
This morning it's ELECTRIC.
Why? Day two of "The Masters".
The golfers obliterated the media's idea that the course was tough and the scores would be astronomically high.
They took advantage of the opportunities the course offered and shot some incredibly low scores.
The TRUTH is, Opportunity is everywhere.
If you look for it.
By this I mean whatever comes your way has an opportunity for success waiting for you to crack it open.
Most fail to look for it, but those that choose to look for it will not only find it, but find themselves in the top 10% of successful people in the world.
Oftentimes you may think it's difficult to see opportunity in tough times.
For instance when people are being laid off, jobs are being cut, and no one seems to be hiring.
What's the anti-dote? First, know the Universe is about growth and expansion.
'Thinking in the Certain Way' will clear the brush and open new and exciting paths.
Second, keep in mind 'Acting in the Certain Way' will move you off of the competitive plane and keep you on the Creative plane.
When you act in the Certain Way you build an impenetrable force field in you and around you that only allows GOOD things to flow into your life.
Third, take time each day to learn and apply the 'Mental Attitude of Gratitude'.
To secure this attitude in your mind will draw you nearer the SOURCE of all things from which blessings come.
WOW, it'll be an extraordinary destination to reach.
But - it'll also be extraordinary when you drive the path NOW.
Onward and Upward, Nolan R.

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