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Taking the First Steps to Promoting Your Online Business

Each and every year many people attempt to launch an online business, and each year nearly as many people fail.
There are several reasons for starting an online business and I'll try to expose just some of them: - the ability to work whenever and anywhere you want.
- not having to commute to work every morning.
- not having a boss to tell you what to do all the time.
- income potential from online business is endless However, even with such factors working in your favor, the vast majority of people are still unable to make money online.
They don't treat an online business as seriously as they would do an offline business.
Simply because they haven't had to risk so much in order to start it.
The idea that had cost you a little to set up and took you a couple of days to produce are main reason to fail.
Many online businesses don't have a website that does what it is meant to do - sell! If you've got a poor website, how on earth do you expect it to be a success? In this article, I'm going to share with you the main secrets of creating a website that convert and sell.
If you're launching an online business, ask yourself two main questions...
What kind of product or service you want to sell? Do you have customers who want or need to buy your product? Once you've got this very basic idea, you're ready to move on to start your own online business.
So now it's time to reveal the main secrets of producing websites that convert...
Keep your site as simple as possible - Complicated site shouts lack of efficiency; confuses people and loses peoples trust.
Keeping your site simple will mean that your site will load quickly.
If people have to sit there for half an hour while your site loads then they're going to give up! Reduce the number of clicks required to access "order button" and make sure that all pages on the site have a link to homepage.
Don't use adverts all over the page.
They're an immediate turn off, and also slow down page speed.
Avoid pop ups! They're very annoying, and can even crash certain web browsers.
Don't waffle too much.
Don't use fancy images where they are not needed and avoid flash animation.
It might look good, but people find it very annoying.
Visitors should trust you - It's absolutely crucial to create a good impression if you want your site to sell! Fraud across the Internet is now widespread, and people are becoming more and more suspicious of sites offering products online.
Therefore it's absolutely imperative that people feel they can buy from your site in total confidence.
If you gain the customers trust then your site is going to sell! Here are some ideas to building trust when people visit your site: Use testimonials - testimonials are an absolutely invaluable way of gaining trust.
If people can see what others think of your product or service then it gives them a pretty good reason to buy.
Offer a guarantee - Customers will be more comfortable buying if they know they can return their purchase if they're not completely satisfied.
And make sure you tell your customers.
Let them know you want them to be happy..
Clearly display your contact details so that people know they're dealing with a real person they can easily contact; and answer all questions quickly.
If you take 5 days to reply to a simple query then it simply says that's you are disorganized and generally untrustworthy.
Have a Memorable Domain Name - Every successful site has a memorable domain name: Amazon, eBay, Google etc.
So to make your online business a success, you must have one too, and it must be memorable, relevant and above all still available.
Use common sense when choosing a domain name.
Long or difficult to spell domain can make people ignore your web site.
Short names register better with people's memory and are easy to remember.
If you are starting an online business selling say DVD player, these domain names can be considered: "ultimatedvdplayer", "bestdvdplayer" and so one.
Even if the name of your dreams has already been taken, don't despair; try altering the format of the name; if "bestdvdplayer" is already taken, how about "best-dvdplayer".
Another thing to consider - secure a.
com URL as opposed to a.
biz or anything else.
There is nothing wrong with the other extensions but when you have a.
com extension, it sounds like you've been online a long time.
Eye catching headline - Headline is the most important part of your website.
Headline should catch the reader's eye and make him to read the rest of your webpage.
Your goal here is to catch your reader's attention and create interest.
You have only couple of seconds to grab attention of your visitor before he clicks a "back" button and move to another website.
When writing headlines, apply the following rules.
- Start with "YOU" - the customer's should feel that you are addressing to him - The headline should be written in a present-tense and should reflect the customer's interest and benefits; - Remove any doubt - do not use words like "if" and "but" because they create confusion; - Create curiosity and desire - by this you will get reader's attention and keep them reading your site; - Keep it short - the most copywriters agree that an effective headline should have between 15 to 25 words; When writing your headline, another important element to consider is font style.
It looks that the RED color is the color that convert the best and font size should be at least as twice as the rest of the body.
Offer your visitors something free - offering visitors to your site free gift, bonuses will benefit both of you.
You will benefit from gaining reputation, and free advertising, while your visitors will benefit from getting more from you.
Follow these principles, and you should produce a successful website.
Bottom line - the best advices I can give is to say use your common sense! Think clearly about everything that you do.
Will it be useful to visitors? Does this tell the customer everything they want to know? Does that create a good impression? As a customer, would I buy from this site?

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