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RVskin - Reselling cPanel VPS and More

RVskin is an advanced skin management software created for cPanel servers.
A few advantages of RVSkin include multi-themed design support, multi-language features, and exclusive integration and plug-in.
This article is intended to outline RVSkin usage for resellers as well as individual persons looking to build their own website or business.
First, installation is in a robust script for binding your service.
Automatic updates occur according to your cPanel build, but you may choose a manual update of RVskin at your convenience.
Automatic updates ensure the guarantee of no internal conflict and proper working conditions of all the features.
For standard cPanel installation the automatic language is English.
To modify and change English, you must look under "modify account".
You can also change the language settings in the control panel.
This sets the language choice automatically in the user skin.
Many languages are available already with a single RVskin license, with more languages becoming available in the future.
Pre-installed themes come packaged with RVskin.
You can choose from a wide range of colors from orange to green to violet and blue.
Integrated fully into the control panel, you have complete access to the color of your choice.
Change it around when you feel the need for a small difference, or leave it the same, tried and true color you love the best.
The RVskin feature manager allows features to be hidden or shown without causing images to disappear.
Hosting packages have the option of choosing which features are seen and which ones are hidden.
You can also customize your skin according to you hosting account.
Packaged features will automatically be hidden if your hosting account does not allow for that feature.
The advantage of this is the ease of use.
You do not have to know any technical HTML or set it up in your configuration file because it is done automatically.
A non-packaged list is nice for anyone who is using third party software.
If your hosting service does not have a package feature list or the hosting service does not name their package, the non-package feature list will load the list from RVskin.
This is another advantage of the fully customizable templates.
The reseller feature allows you the decision of which features you furnish to you your clients.
Turn off individual features you do not want your clients to gain access.
These are only a small sampling of RVskin and how it works.
There are other features, such email contact control, marketing tools, and skin and page editors.

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