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Landlord's Responsibilities in Kentucky


    • The landlord has the responsibility to maintain the property and ensure it adheres to all safety codes and regulations. As these may vary from city to city, the landlord must keep up with the local codes, as well as any changes that occur over time.


    • Kentucky requires landlords to ensure that utilities are maintained and functioning properly. These include water (including a reasonable amount of hot water), sewer, heating, air conditioning and ventilation. Any appliances that are supplied by the landlord also fall under this category. Since Kentucky has cold winters, the landlord is usually responsible for ensuring the rental property has heat from Oct. 1 to May 1.


    • To help the tenant notify the landlord of any problems, the landlord must supply the tenant with written notice of the landlord's name, as well as the names of any property managers.


    • In some cases, the tenant may opt to be responsible for certain duties that would normally fall to the landlord. For example, the tenant may want to make minor repairs or alterations. If this is agreeable, the landlord must ensure that both parties agree to the terms in writing.

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