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Acupuncture Losing weight using ancient methods

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicinal practice, in which needles are inserted into the human body at specific points, normally nerve endings and pressure zones.

By inserting needles into nerve endings and into various pressure zones, such as muscles, tension and the pressure can be relieved. The technique helps to relieve pain, enhance feeling in specific parts and treat neurological conditions. Also acupuncture helps when dealing with muscle pains and muscle fever.

Also, acupuncture was used to treat one of the most common diseases in our time: obesity. Due to the busy and agitated life style most of us are forced to live, it's very easy to lose the delicate balance between work and rest. Obesity is caused by a chaotic lifestyle, in which people do not get enough sleep, and when they do, it is not at regular hours, they eat unhealthy food "on the go", live a stressful life, and do not practice sports.

Along with the actual medicinal practices, the Chinese doctors left behind a series of philosophical texts that describe the sort of life style that should be considered by everyone, regardless if they are getting acupuncture treatments or not. Following a few simple intuitive rules, any person's life style and health can improve, and the improvement can last over years.

Acupuncture helps to lose weight by stimulating the digestive system (stomach, intestines, kidneys, liver, etc), thus accelerating and digestion, targeting nerve endings that control the sensation of hunger, and relieving stress and pain from muscles, joints and key pressure points, thus revitalizing the body and mind, and indirectly opening the doorway for physical activities.

All in all, in order to lose weight, it's very important to understand that all of the aspects that caused weight gain in the first place need to be understood and combated simultaneously. Acupuncture helps relieve stress, which indirectly combats fatigue. If sleep hours are regulated and the food diet is revised so that unhealthy food is thrown away and only healthy food is kept, then the body will start cleaning itself (acupuncture helps here too, by relaxing the muscles and joints, it helps you sleep better, and really rest, and by working on the digestive system, it stimulates both the actual digestion, and the transmission of nutrients throughout the body), and you would feel energized and full of life. Also, acupuncture help to regulate hunger sensations, by directly interfering in the transmission of electric signals through nerve endings in key spots.

Once the body is starts cleaning itself the accumulation of energy naturally triggers the urge to do physical activities. Acupuncture help here too, by relaxing muscles, fighting against muscle fatigue and muscle fever and by helping the heart and lungs to function better. Just as not only one factor causes you to gain weight, but a whole bunch of factors working together, so is the situation when wanting to lose weight. All of the factors need to be taken into consideration and combated, and once this happens, the lifestyle will steadily improve and the fat will begin to melt away, and be replaced by solid muscle fiber.

Acupuncture help both directly and indirectly in this process, either by enhancing specific body functions, or by relaxing key points and body parts, this ancient medicinal method still works perfectly, because even though the times have changed, the human body remains the same, as fragile as the Chinese doctors knew it to be.
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