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Improve Your Golf With The Right Exercise

If you play golf then you should have some sort of exercise plan that is specifically designed to improve your game.
No matter how easy it looks if you play golf on a regular basis then you'll know that it isn't a game for people who are not fit.
Most serious golfers recognize that unless they take fitness seriously then they could injure themselves quite badly - it is all too easy to strain your back and other muscles when you are playing golf.
Those who want to continue playing golf and improve their game at the same time will take their golf exercise program seriously.
Once you decide that you need an exercise plan it is worth doing some research on the best way to go about it.
The fact of the matter is that every golfer is different and while some exercises may work well for one player they may not be suitable for another.
All golfers have a different swing and exercises that will benefit one golfer's swing may not be suitable for improving your swing.
do some research and get some advice, from a professional if you can afford it, before you start on a golf exercise program.
When you've been playing golf for a while you will soon realise that although everyone is different there are one or two general exercises that will benefit everyone who wants to improve their fitness.
These exercises include bending and stretching as these things will help you to develop greater flexibility and improved posture and balance - crucial aspects of good golfing.
These things, along with a few other exercise that we will look at here not only help with flexibility they will also strengthen hip and back movements, which will soon improve your golfing swing.
Playing golf involves using a lot of your muscles, so it helps to use an exercise that helps to coordinate some of the different muscle groups that you use in your game.
The following exercise will not only help with coordination, it will also strengthen your shoulders and hips and ease pain in the lower back.
You should do this exercise on both sides two or three times as part of your exercise program.
First lie on your side, using your elbow for support making sure that your arms, legs and hips are all in line, then press upwards with your elbow, lifting your body off the ground, hold, relax and repeat.
Golf exercise should also include plenty of stretching exercises.
The key to a better golf swing is flexibility and strength; if you are not flexible enough then you won't be able to make the kind of turn that results in an accurate and powerful swing.
Increase your flexibility with some simple stretching and bending exercises as part of your golf exercise program.
When you start to become more flexible you will soon notice that your shots are more accurate and powerful - even more important you will find that you are less sore and painful after a strenuous game.
So why not start your golf exercise program today?

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