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Hi-Lux M1000 Scope Instructions

    Setting the Ballistics

    • 1). Find the code for your particular ammunition in the M1000 cartridge chart located in the back of your user's manual.

    • 2). Use a flat-head screwdriver to loosen the retentions screw on top of the range ring and pull the ring toward the back of the scope (approximate 1/8 inch).

    • 3). Slightly loosen the retention screw on the calibration ring (located next to the ranging ring), allowing it to move.

    • 4). Align the code for your ammunition with the small arrow on the trajectory cam and retighten the retention screw. Place the ranging ring back in position and tighten the retention screw.

    Zeroing the M1000

    • 1). Prepare a target at a range of approximately 100 yards.

    • 2). Load your rifle with three bullets, take careful aim at the center of your target and fire three shots. Record the center of the shot group and determine the necessary correction to bring the shot group to the center of your target. For example, if your shot group is 1 inch below and 1 inch to the right of your aiming point, then you need to adjust your scope 1 inch up and 1 inch to the left.

    • 3). Use the windage and elevation adjustment dials, located on the top and right-hand side of your scope body, to adjust your radicals. The M1000 has an adjustment of 1/8 inch per dial click for a range of 100 yards. Therefore, to move your shot group 1 inch would require eight clicks of the dial. After you have adjusted your scope, reload your rifle and shoot three more times; make further corrections as necessary.

    Automatic Range Trajectory

    • 1). Adjust your scope magnification to bracket an area of 1 meter between the horizontal reticle and the scope's ranging mark (located along the vertical reticle). This adjusts the scope for your bullet's trajectory to your target, aligning the bullet's point of impact with the scope's point of aim.

    • 2). Aim the scope directly at where you want your bullet to strike.

    • 3). Fire your rifle.

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