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Ab Doer Review

The Ab Doer machine was invented by John Ab do in helping trim the abs and help users lose love handles.
At this particular moment there are many types of Ab Doer machine reviews both on the internet and in catalogues.
To help a user make the right decision on what to purchase, I have put together enough information to guide one make the right decision or choice on what their specific needs are.
This review brings with it together detailed issues about this particular machine, its uses, features, advantages, disadvantages and the opinion of the other users all put together in this article.
Features and Specification: • Comes with an instructional DVD and a booklet which is both fun to watch and read • Adjustable seat and back-roller • Padded seat for maximum comfort • Has a capacity of 300 pounds • A nutritional plan for users on their eating habits • Made of gym quality, heavy-gauge steel, and features that are multi resistant • Brings with it a 30 day money back warranty • The cost ranges from between $50 to $160 inclusive of shipping charges.
Ab Doer Pros Ab Doer reviews can be used by both men and women in helping the user reduce the size of the waist.
Is easy to use, has maximum comfort and is sleek in design.
Exercise can be done in the privacy of the user's home, while watching the DVD's.
The columns and contoured arms bans support the user in position and help him or her achieve perfect results.
It is built in a way that makes it easy to store as it folds down flat and is therefore stored easily.
Ab Doer Cons Ab Doer is not appropriate for major weight loss as it is only mean for the abs and cannot help other areas of the body; it also takes time for any results to be seen.
For any development to be seen, the user needs to complement it with another workout program in the end.
It cannot be used by anybody beyond 300 pounds.
It is bulky and once assembled is not easy to pass through a door way.
There is no proof that this machine will work for everyone.
Better for beginners only and not long time gym users and can therefore be a waste of money.
Ab Doer Reviews The cost plus the shipping charges makes it affordable and easy for users to own.
Keeps you off the floor and therefore comfortable enough to use in the comfort of your home; the massage roller gives the user a revitalizing therapeutic massage all throughout the exercise period.
It has the ability to bend back and to the sides, making it possible to hit the targets of the abdominal muscles and increase flexibility.
Ab doer Pro Is a comfortable chair-shaped unit that provides endless effective workout for any user by mobilizing the body to shed fat along with building muscles.

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