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Ohio DNR: Deer Hunting

    License and Permit

    General Regulations

    • Broadheads must be 3/4 of an inch across.tip on an arrow image by Mat Hayward from

      You need written permission to hunt on private land, even if it is not posted. Spotlighting is illegal. You cannot hunt from a vehicle except a boat or farm machinery. You cannot shoot from on, across or along a public road. During muzzleloader and youth deer season, you cannot use shot larger than No. 4, and you have to wear at least a vest in hunter orange or hunter orange camouflage. You can hunt deer with a crossbow or conventional bow with a draw weight greater than 40 lbs. Broadheads have to be at least 3/4 of an inch across. You cannot use a bowsight that projects a beam of light.


    Bag Limits

    • There are different bag limits for different zones.deer image by Charles Kaye from

      A single hunter can take no more than one antlered deer per season, regardless of the location and regardless of the method of taking (bow, gun or muzzleloader). The state is divided into three zones, A, B, C, with different bag limits. The bag limits can change every season and for every zone. To determine the zone you will be hunting and what the bag limits are, check the Ohio Department of Natural Resources regulations.


    • Deer taken in "Urban Units" do not count on your bag limit in other areas.deer in the city image by Stas from

      Deer that are taken in specially designated Urban Units and during controlled hunts do not count in a hunter's bag limits. You cannot hunt with a firearm earlier than 1/2 hour before sunrise to sunset. Bowhunters can hunt from 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset. A hunter orange vest or orange camouflage vest is required for the youth deer gun season, deer gun season, muzzleloader deer season and in designated areas. The antlered deer permit can also be used to take an antlerless deer.


    • Place the tag on the deer where it falls.deer image by Christopher Hall from

      Immediately after killing a deer, the hunter must fill out the temporary tag with his name and address and the date and time the deer was killed. Detach the tag from the permit and immediately attach it to the deer where the deer fell. Remember to bring a string or wire to attach the temporary tag to the deer. Deer must be taken to a check station before 8 p.m. on the day the deer was killed.


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