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Teen Bodybuilders - How to Gain Muscle Mass

Sometimes it is really difficult to gain weight when you are a teen, because your metabolism is extremely high, and it's probably quite difficult to gain muscle mass.
Just know that there are solutions to help you build muscle faster, and help you put on some weight...
First, understand that the power you have to build the body you want, does not involve the supplements you choose, but rather the workout routine you choose based on your specific body type.
Understand your body type, then build a workout routine, and eat according to that type to build muscle much faster.
There are three body types: Mesomorph, Ectomorph, and Endomoroh.
Most teens work out their body in a way that puts them in a catabolic mode, which actually will spiral your efforts in the complete opposite direction, leaving you with hardly any muscle gains.
When it comes to building mass for the average teen, more is not always better.
Meaning, if you train for 2 hours a day, 6 days a week, it will not increase your odds of building your desired body.
Here are some tips to follow when trying build up mass: 1.
Understand which body type you are, then train according to that type.
Compose your workouts with mass building movements.
Mass building movements require multiple muscle groups to handle the workload.
Eat according to your body type.
Each body type requires a different eating strategy.
Typically, when having more rest days during the week, you will be able to recover the muscles much faster.
Better recovery means better gains...
Thoroughly analyze your routines and make necessary adjustments based on what feels the most appropriate.
Change the intensity often.

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