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Hearing Damage Can Hurt Your Quality of Life

Hearing loss will affect the lives of millions of people at some point in their lives. There are many reasons why hearing may atrophy over the years. Frequent loud noise are a major leading cause for hearing loss, but there are many other reasons why people may experience hearing loss. As people age, their hearing ability may decrease naturally. Some people suffer hearing loss from head injuries, brain injury, and damage done directly to the ear. Some hearing loss is not due to injury--over time, wax may build up in the ear canal, affecting our ability to hear certain volumes and pitches.

Many people believe that swabbing their ear with a Q-tip is an effective way to clean the ears of waxy buildup, but nothing could be further from the truth. When you swab your ear with a Q-tip, you can decrease or even damage your hearing capability. Left alone, our body creates an ideal amount of earwax. Earwax is effective at keeping bacteria and small bugs well out of the range of your eardrum. When people use a Q-tip, they alter their bodies' natural defense system. Swabbing also can push your earwax to the back of your ear, which can cause a waxy buildup that your ear cannot expel. If you believe you have waxy buildup in your ear canal, you may want to visit the office of a Las Vegas, NV, Audiologist.

Hearing damage and hearing loss can decrease your quality of life. If you're a music lover, you want to listen to what you like, in pristine quality, for the rest of your life. When somebody has a substantial amount hearing loss, communicating with that person regularly may become difficult to do. When talking with someone is consistently painstaking, people typically opt to speak with that person less. If you find yourself asking your friends or co-workers, "What?" in a low-noise setting, it may be time to visit a Las Vegas, NV, Audiologist.

Many people get their ears cleaned and are amazed by the results. Just like people who wear glasses or corrective lenses, sound will become clearer to you almost immediately! A careful listener or someone with a trained ear can always tell the difference between a good set of headphones or a bad pair. When you've had your ears cleaned, even the best headphones will sound a bit better!

Hearing problems can get in the way of your job, your relationship with people close to you, or even make surviving day to day a bit more difficult. Some people can experience hearing loss so gradually that they do not even notice it has become damaged at all. For this reason, it is always a good idea to schedule periodic hearing examinations. If you are a career musician or work with sound, always remember to wear appropriate, high-quality hearing protection. If you'd like ear plugs that are custom-built for your ear canal, be sure to schedule an appointment with your local audiologist today!          

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