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How To Dress For The nightclub - Men!

You just got an invite from your buddies to do a night on the town. You accept the invitation but are a little confused about what attire you should wear to make the right impression. The reality is, most people judge a book by it's cover and if you are looking to expand your social circle and mingle with the ladies, here are some tips on how to dress for the nightclub:

Metro-sexual Is the New Hot!

In order to impress the ladies, it is not a bad idea to go along with current trends. The current trend for males is the infamous 'metro-sexual style' of dressing. This look was made popular by citizens of New York, Las Vegas, Miami and Chicago. The look is world-wide because it presents a clean and professional look without going overboard or appearing to 'try too hard'.

This look does not include the following: t-shirts, sandals, hats, white shoes or jeans. At any rate, many clubs around the world are starting to ban this type of attire. Here are things to look out for the next time you go shopping for metro-sexual clothing:

*Fancy loafers- Loafers were once frowned upon because only 'preppy' or 'nerdy' men dared to wear these type of shoes. One of the best man dressing tips is to include loafers into your wardrobe. Some of the best loafers are found in common department stores such as JCPenny and Sears. These shoes will only be available in brown or black (most of the time).

*Collared shirt- these type of shirts will always look professional, simple and neat. Collared shirts are easy to iron, which can present a crisp look. Collars also make a man's body appear more asymmetrical and framed. These shirts can be paired with a sweater vest if you will be attending a club in the fall or winter season. Try to avoid white collared shirts, because these are often worn with business suits. Avoid neck and bow ties (for obvious reasons).

*Ditch the jeans for slacks- When first learning how to dress for the club as a man, it is important to know it is not an outright sin to wear jeans, however; in order to stand out from the rest of the crowd, it is best to wear slacks or freshly ironed khakis. Try a light brown or navy blue color for pants. Never wear white pants to a club.

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