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309A Electrician License Requirements

    Electrical Apprenticeship

    • Individuals entering into the electrical career field must go through an apprenticeship process. The Trades Qualification and Apprenticeship Act states that the minimum education required is grade 10. Unionized employers require a person with a 12th grade education with course studies in Math, English and Physics. The time frame for being an electrical apprentice is 9,000 hours, the equivalent of five years, and there are no age restrictions for being an electrical apprentice.

    License Procedures for Electricians

    • An electrician seeking to work in Canada with an electrician's license from another province, state or country, must inquire about the specific Canadian requirements needed. This may include taking the Certificate of Qualification Exam. Also, individuals from other countries may have to be reviewed by the applicable state board to see if extra training or certifications are needed.

    On-the-Job Training

    • Electricians that are in apprenticeship training are teamed with a master electrician to apply knowledge in handling electrical issues and emergencies. In seeking a 309a electrician's license, the apprentice can only do electrical work under supervision of a qualified electrical contractor.

    Course Studies

    • The educational or classroom portion of the electrician apprenticeship for a 309a electrical license must be fulfilled at a certified trade or vocational school located in Canada. Trade school courses are held during daytime hours. Some vocational schools allow for recognition of high school credits or other post secondary educational credits.

    Certification Test

    • The requirements to get a 309a license include taking a certification test. This test includes questions on English, math, electronic instrumentation, physics and circuitry. The test is taken at a vocational school or certified testing institution in Canada. The test is administered throughout the year on dates supplied by the Canadian Ministry of Training Colleges & Universities. You must pass the electrician's test with a score of 70% to be awarded an electrical license.

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