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Garden Canopies in the Relief Effort

Garden canopies are prominently used by homeowners who wish to make their outdoor living space more comfortable.
This is the perfect product for entertaining and hosting parties, celebrations, and get-to-gathers.
These shelters offer shade from the sun and protection from rain or light wind.
They can create an area where food can be served or guests can relax while still being out in the fresh air.
However, a much less considered use for these shelters is that they can provide much needed aid to those who have been victims of a natural disaster.
With the recent widespread flooding in Pakistan and the terrible earthquake in Haiti, relief efforts have been widespread.
First aid and rescue squads and organizations are working overtime and double time.
Food and water have been donated, shipped, and dispersed to the victims.
However, somehow, one of the most imminent needs was one that they were much less prepared to deal with: shelter.
How does one provide shelter for millions who have lost their homes? This posed a real problem.
However, one manufacturer of canopies struck upon the winning answer to this problem.
Why could canopies not provide the shelter needed to protect these poor people? The canopy company donated more than its share of canopies, and many more quickly recognized the effectiveness of this solution and jumped on board.
Canopies are lightweight, affordable, and easy to ship.
And yet they are sturdy and durable enough to weather well and can provide much needed shelter for those who have no other.
Not only were canopies used for the victims of the disaster, but they proved invaluable to those who were working in the relief effort.
The hot sun was terrible for those trying to administer first aid or hand out food.
And a centrally located tent proved to be a great representation of where the relief effort was underway.

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