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Dragon Baby Nursery: How To Create The Perfect Fantasy World For Baby

Not interested in the usual nursery themes? A dragon baby nursery theme is just the thing! You can choose to go very Asian with Chinese style dragons painted on the walls and cavorting on the bedding, or stick to cute and cuddly.

Since the dragon baby nursery theme isn't a terribly common one, you might find it difficult to find all the items you need for decorating the nursery. Let's take a look at what you'll need.


The first thing to look at are the walls. Go blue with fluffy clouds and dragons soaring through them, or if you're feeling particularly artistic, you might try a landscape with a medieval castle, nights and dragons running around the room. Another option that some parents like is to paint stone arches and make the room look like it's inside a castle, with a dragon on one wall.

If you aren't very artistic, not to worry. It's quite simple to use a basic projector to project scenes from a storybook or a printout onto the wall. All you have to do is trace and paint. Or you can just buy decals that will stick onto the wall and require no talent at all.


There isn't a lot of dragon baby nursery bedding out there, but you should be able to find some cute quilts. If not, you can also make your own sheets and blankets and even crib bumpers with dragon fabric that you can find at a quilting shop or online. No sewing skills? Consider hiring a friend who likes to sew.

Custom bedding fabric can also be used to create matching curtains to keep the theme similar throughout the room.


When it comes to creating the perfect dragon baby nursery, you'll need to consider the details. Framed dragon art can decorate the walls, a cute dragon mobile will keep your baby busy and a cute dragon floor mat is perfect for tummy time.

Don't forget the toys! Stuffed dragons aren't just cute, they add to the theme and are perfect for setting atop a dresser or filling up a window seat with cuteness. Everything from waste bins to diaper holders come in themes that will suit your new nursery.

If you're looking for a unique theme that will give your little one a special start in life, consider a dragon baby nursery theme. It's a great theme and one that can grow with your child quite easily.

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