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Rabies - Some Symptoms That You Should Know

Rabies is a type of virus that can be killing a for human when it is transmitted.
There are many cases of deaths that are caused by rabies.
Rabies is transmitted through biting.
This occurs when an infected animal bites other animals or humans.
The virus is transmitted via the saliva to the wound from the biting.
You will find that there are many signs of rabies.
The most common sign of rabies is that the animal will act the way that he/she does not usually do.
For instance, the animal will act wildly when he/she used to be a nice pet.
There are some symptoms of rabies that you should pay attention when you have pet in your house especially dog.
The first symptom is the prodromal phase.
This is the time when the sign of rabies firstly appear.
This occurs a few days after the animal is bitten by another infected animal.
You will find that your animal or pet will loose his/her appetite, suffer fever and bite the wound that has been bitten by the infected animal.
If your pet is a dog, he/she will bark differently.
The tone of his/her barking will be different.
Another symptom of rabies is erratic behavior.
This occurs when animal or pet acts differently from his/her habit.
For instance, an animal wants to eat something that he/she does not to eat when healthy, a night animal will appear in the daylight, etc.
If you notice one of those things, you should be very careful to that animal or pet.
Furthermore, there are some types of rabies that might be suffered by your animal or pet.
Furious rabies is a type of rabies that you can notice easily.
An animal with this type of rabies will have excess of saliva in his/her mouth.
You will find that he/she will be more aggressive.
An infected animal or pet will act confusedly, have dilated pupils and have seizures.
He/she will also have the tendency want to wander away.
As stated before, rabies can also be suffered by human.
When a person is infected by rabies, the symptoms will be very simple.
He/she will get flu-like symptoms.
They will suffer headache and fever.
When the rabies gets worse, that person will have problems in breathing.
Another symptom that might be suffered by an infected person is to have upset stomach and seizures.
This will be deadly if it is left untreated.
Therefore, you should do the prevention or find the solution when you find that your pet suffers rabies.
The first thing that you should do is to never let your pet wander around out of your attention.
Make sure that your pet is always under your attention so that you will reduce the risk of rabies that can be suffered by your pet.
The second thing that you should do is to call the animal control when your pet acts out of sorts or other acts that might be dangerous for you.
The most important thing to do is to treat your pet with a rabies booster vaccination when your pet is bitten by another animal.

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