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A World Without Dentists

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Dentists services are everywhere today. People are more aware of the valuable service and support that dentists provide. It used to be that people didn't visit the dentists office unless they needed to have teeth pulled. But now dentists do much more than pull teeth. Actually it is rare now that dentists have to pull teeth to remove a dental problem. Because of medical health technology and the anesthesia available dentists can perform more complicated dental services that will allow the dentists patients to keep their teeth while at the same time the having the dental problem solved.

Dentists services provide more preventative dental care today than ever before. Removal of dental plaque and dental tartar along with polishing teeth with fluoride is not the only routine dental services that dentists provide. Removing decay from teeth and filling the holes in teeth caused by dental decay (cavity fillings) is one thing that dentists do now instead of removing teeth as was done in the past. General dentists do a lot more root canals and other minor oral work that could never be done in the past without today's anesthesia.

People in general today enjoy more oral health and better looking teeth than ever before. Dentists have the option of specializing in cosmetic dentists fields now for instance dental implants and other dentists cosmetic work that will replace teeth. Dentists can put on veneers to hide teeth that are extremely discolored or crooked or oddly shaped. Dentists can provide the smile you have always wanted with the teeth that can only communicate confidence.

(Value of dental health increased with technology and commercialism) With the digital age of pictures put online for public viewing, teeth are more and more important and the look of teeth. So, dentists visits are more and more common. But, there are still some who do not appreciate the value of regular dentists visits to improve the health of their teeth and oral gums. Dentists work is more popular in America rather than Europe and other developed areas of the world.

(A world without dentists and dental health...) I remember living in Europe for a few years, and the teeth of many of the older and younger people alike were very ill kept. For example, I remember some of the youth I could tell had never brushed their teeth let a lone visited dentists office for regular cleaning. I learned just from looking at people the importance of teeth on facial structure. Dentists can tell you this, but I didn't know that missing teeth would make you look older and give you sunken cheeks. Dentists work is very important to the youth and beauty of your face. Dentists work is very important to your enjoyment of life. I met many people who couldn't enjoy food and eating because it hurt to eat or their teeth just couldn't work as they were supposed to. Dentists work is connected to the health of a community and society. Dentists work is connected to the confidence and freedom to smile and laugh freely. I met many people, young and old, who were self-conscious about their teeth and couldn't smile and laugh freely. Imagine a world without dentists! It would be a very unhealthy world!

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