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How To Calculate Your Due Date During Pregnancy

From the minute you discover that you are pregnant, there is an unexplained urge for your child's arrival. There is no wonder that a due date evokes such curiosity among prospective mothers and their families as well. Due date is the next thing most people want to know about the baby. But, it isn't that obvious? Do you count 280 days, 40 weeks or 9 months? This may confuse you further. They all are right ways of counting your due date. 


Use a pregnancy calculator.


If you know your last menstrual cycle, then, your due week is approximately 40 weeks or 280 days from it. You can also calculate it based on the conception dates. In today's high-tech world, you can enter the first date of your last menstrual period in due date calculator and find out all you need to. You can find the approximate due date to due week. In addition, you can find out an approximate age of a fetus too.  That's right. A pregnancy week calculator uses this basic information to calculate an estimated ovulation period, and due date consequently.


An online pregnancy due date calculator is pretty accurate. But, a human body is far from it. So, first-time mothers mustn't overthink it if you get into labour sooner or later than you thought. You will need to give it a bit leeway and arrive at its own time. The pregnancy week calculator is just a good way to estimate the age of the fetus and rough date of delivery so that a mother and her family is ready. You will have to leave some space for uncertainty. 


Use an early ultrasound.


At times, you cannot use a pregnancy calculator to estimate the due date effectively. It is common when a little bundle of joy is a surprise guest in your life. Some people fail to note the dates of last menstrual period. A pregnancy due date calculator is useless without LMP or conception date. In such cases, you need to visit your gynecologist/ obstetrician. An early ultrasound test can help you get a realistic due date. Due date and fetal age put the health of the child in a right context. It allows obstetrician interpret test results accurately and suggest accurate course of action.


Whether you use a fun tool like due date calculator or a test like ultrasound, this information is crucial. It will affect every decision about your diet, exercising and lifestyle for 9 months of pregnancy. So, find it out and get yourself ready for "D" date.

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