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Moxa Treatment – the great effects after Moxa Treatment

Moxa treatment or moxibustion has been derived from Japanese word "Moe Kusa" which means burning herb. This is a treatment or therapy for reducing pain and fatigue in human body. Moxa is a type of wool obtained from an herbal plant Mugwort. This treatment was basically practiced in Japan and China but due to its therapeutic effects it is becoming increasingly popular. Now it has reached to the every corner of the world.

It basically uses a moxa stick which is lightened and its warmth is given to body. Mainly this warmth is applied on the acupuncture points but it is not compulsorily there only. This moxa stick has many chi toning properties. This stick is made in horizontal manner so that it is easy to handle and less heat reaches to patient.

Steps during Moxibustion:

v      First of all take a moxa stick. Moxa stick is made up of moxa wool that is packed in paper in a cylindrical form. This is hold in vertical direction.

v      Now make the person lie down on the couch or any comfortable bench. Remove clothes from the area which is to be treated. Use a towel underneath the person so that ash falling from the moxa stick can be collected in it.

v      Now light the downward end of stick with the help of a match stick or a lighter. Don't remove it until it starts emitting some smoke and you could feel its smell. For testing it you can place it above the skin of the person and if he feels some warmth then it is lightened.

v       Remove the match stick, and hold moxa stick 2-3 cm above the body of the person to be treated. Make sure that the person only feels the warmth that soothes him and make him feel comfortable. Maintain a safe distance of the stick from the skin to avoid any skin burns.

v      Once the process it done, extinguish the stick either by inserting in water of by snuffing off ash on its end.

After any session of moxa treatment you will feel energized. It helps in enhancing the circulation of blood in the vessels by the warmth received by the tissues. Lymphatic system starts working properly and free flow of ‘chi' is activated all across the meridians. It reduces pain in the body organs, relieves fatigue, removes muscle tension, stiffness and swelling, eases rheumatism and stimulates all the system in the body. In women, it facilitates timely menstrual cycle and treats any disorders related to it. Sometimes person may fall asleep during the session due to the relaxation and pleasure he feels. These great effects after moxa treatment can be felt only after experiencing it once.

One of the demerits of this treatment is that it emits smoke with earthy smell. People who are sensitive to smoke or asthmatic patients face problems here so they should go for some other therapies. Otherwise this method is very effective for all types of pain. One thing you have to take care of is to choose your therapist wisely. As heat is involved in this process, even a bit of carelessness can damage your skin with burns. Your therapist should be an experienced man who is in regular habit of doing this therapy. Sometimes this treatment is used along with acupuncture needles to direct the right flow of chi in the required body parts because more activation is achieved with the use of acupuncture.

The same Mugwort plant is considered as a sacred one in North and South America and is used for spiritual healing. It is kept under pillows to provoke dreams and is also used for magic. So this herb has variety of uses in healing process.

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