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Venting a Dryer Indoors

    • 1). Choose an installation point on the wall behind and slightly above the top of the dryer. Mark mounting holes on the wall based on the holes in the indoor dryer vent container.

    • 2). Drill pilot holes with a drill and drill bit. Install screw-in drywall anchors with a screwdriver.

    • 3). Place the indoor dryer vent on the wall so the installation holes in the vent line up with the screw-in wall anchors. Secure the vent to the wall with screws using a screwdriver.

    • 4). Place the recommended amount of water into the dryer vent. Refer to the manufacturers recommendations for adding water.

    • 5). Connect the included dryer vent hose to the vent hose extending from the back of the dryer. Attach the opposite end of the vent hose to the indoor dryer vent. Secure the hose with hose clamps and a screwdriver.

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