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Horse Racing Handicapping to Pick Winners is Hard Even With Good Notes

Horse racing handicapping to pick winners and make a profit is no different than any other speculative venture.
What you are doing when you handicap a horse race is looking for something that is undervalued by other people that you can see is worth more than you will have to pay for it.
That is all there is to handicapping, just find a bet that the crowd has underestimated.
Plainly stated, if your horse has a 1 in 3 chance of winning and yet is going off at odds of 4-1, it is a good bet.
But how do you find a horse, or bet, that is underestimated and bet it to make a profit? That is what every handicapper is looking for, even the ones who play exotic bets like exactas and trifectas.
We have a wealth of information available to us now including computer databases and analyzation software that can analyze the results of thousands of races and compare various factors to find the ones that matter most.
But by the time most of us have waded through a racing program, made comparisons and analyzed the analysis, we are as confused as when we started and have spent hours trying to come up with a good bet.
First, if it was easy, anyone could do it and everybody would know who was going to win before the race went off.
Winners would pay a nickel apiece and no one would profit except the race track.
But such is not the case and every day, some people do manage to eke out a profit from the race track.
But before you go thinking it is easy, guaranteed, or relaxing, think again.
I have been at this for years and what I can tell you with no shame is that I have had my share of losing days, months and yes, years.
Even with what I am about to teach you, it is still a real grind to make a living off racing.
That is why I teach this, because teaching is easier than doing and I have learned how to do it, but along the line I also learned how hard it is.
But though it is hard it can still be rewarding and genuinely enjoyable at times and that is why we stick with it, year after year.
Here is why it is so difficult to make a living handicapping the horses.
You have to be smart, not just book smart or intelligent, but sly and clever.
You need the ability to see things in a way that other people do not see them, wouldn't even think of looking at them.
Next you need discipline and the ability to manage money in such a way that you pay attention, care about your success and bankroll, but at the same time do not attach too much importance to each bet or each day at the races.
You need the ability to watch yourself and your performance, be your own toughest critic, take the bad beats and keep going with a positive, but cautiously optimistic attitude.
The best way to do this is to know exactly how you are performing and to see progress toward becoming a better handicapper.
That means you need a way or method of measuring your performance and comparing the bets you have made.
You need a systematic approach to comparing bets that is adjustable as you learn your strengths and weaknesses as well as which factors matter in each kind of race, at each distance, at each track and in each condition or surface that the race is run on.
Track models are helpful but they are not enough.
Do you keep notes and write things down and then keep them in an orderly fashion so you can review them later?If not, you are probably not successful at handicapping and making a profit.
Businesses that don't keep good records and know how and where the money was spent usually fail.
It is the same with horse players.
We are investing real money and should treat it with respect.
It is amazing how many people will work so hard at handicapping, but not at financial management.
It takes both to show a profit, but financial management is boring for most people and they want to gamble.
That is the real key.
Are you playing the horses just because you want to gamble or do you truly want to show a profit?Using a simple method like Ladder Handicapping to keep track of bets and factors that work and ones that don't can make you a better record keeper and more successful handicapper.
If you are going to work hard at handicapping, and I know many people do, then you owe it to yourself to do the job right and keep good records so you can be a success.
Remember, though we do it for more than just the money, without the money the game stops.

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