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The Modern Age of Instant Loans

It seems like the next step after college, get married and buy a house. If your credit record isn’t squeaky clean, then there could be some trouble getting a loan for a house. It’s very frightening for people thinking about going to college and racking up student debt and graduating college with credit card debt, and then trying to buy a house after all of that. Your credit score can affect the bank’s decision on getting you a loan, but with electronic loan origination systems these days, banks can find out whether you qualify for a certain home loan in minutes instead of days.

How Banks Are Getting Tech Savvy

Through online credit and interest rate decisioning software, once your credit report is established, they will instantly see if you qualify for a home loan using a loan origination system. This system will either be through a financial lending service or with loan origination software. Finding out if you qualify for a home loan with your current line of credit once took days- now takes minutes. This reduces your stress as well as banks and other financial institutions and allows you to shop around to other places without waiting weeks.


Electronic loan origination systems speed up the process from initiation to the closing steps while including all the necessary complex details from customer application, pre-qualification, processing ordering third party documents to credit history checks and closing. Through digital documents, loans are quickly advanced, increasing workflow and helping people start businesses, buy homes and create better businesses for themselves.


Many wise people will tell you that it is smart to have student loan debt and even smarter to own a house. Both are incredible investments, not only for securing your future with a better job that pays more, you are also investing in property- a house, which can also be used as a tax break. Pay off your credit cards first and relax a bit more about your student and home debt, because there is no better feeling than owning your own home.

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