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Salary for Sport Nutritionists

    Industry profiles

    • The Bureau of Labor Statistics also lists the annual mean wage for each dietitian industry. Below are the figures for the five largest dietitian industries as of May 2008. Each industry is listed according to highest total employment:

      1. General medical and surgical hospitals ---$52,090
      2. Nursing care facilities---$51,660
      3. Local government (Occupational Employment Statistics, or OES, designation)---$48,560
      4. Outpatient care centers---$53,150
      5. Special food services---$46,510

      As with all careers, there are some disciplines within the dietician fields that pay higher than others. Below are the figures for the highest-paying dietician disciplines as of May 2008. Each industry is listed according to highest mean annual salary:

      1. Employment services---$66,230
      2. Federal executive branch (OES designation)---$65,970
      3. Home health care services---$59,620
      4. Vocational rehabilitation services---$59,280
      5. Medical and diagnostic laboratories---$58,720

    Top-paying states

    • Listed below are states with the highest average annual salaries for dieticians according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

      1. Connecticut---$62,260
      2. Maryland---$60,500
      3. New Jersey---$60,280
      4. California---$60,250
      5. Hawaii---$59,390

    States with highest concentration of workers

    • Below are the top five states with the highest concentration of dietician workers, from the highest:

      1. Massachusetts
      2. Missouri
      3. District of Columbia
      4. Delaware
      5. North Dakota


    • The Bureau of Labor Statistics also reported the mean annual salary of dietitians by percentage. They state that the bottom 10 percent of dietitians earn $31,460; the bottom 25 percent earn $41,060; the middle 50 percent earn $50,590; the upper 75 percent earn $61,790 and the top 90 percent earn $73,410 annually.

    Salary by experience

    • With more experience comes greater pay for dietitians. According to, a dietitian with less than one year of experience will earn between $28,486 and $39,305, and with one to four years they will earn between $28,886 and $41,171. Once they have achieved five to nine years of experience, it is estimated that their pay significantly rises, starting at $31,876 and going up to $50,507. Surprisingly, dietitian pay plateaus and declines at 10 to 19 years of experience grossing only $30,013 to $42,000 annually. Once dieticians accumulate 20 or more years of experience, their pay rises again and they earn between $46,000 and $84,000 annually.

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