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Do you want to build a professional writing career? Blogging is essential: a blog forces you to write.
Here's why this is so important.
Writers write.
If you sit down at your computer for eight hours every day, even on weekends, you're doing what professional writers do.
Since you're doing what they do, eventually you're going to become what they are.
This is inevitable.
Every word that you write makes you a better writer and a blog is best way to build both your skills and your audience.
Your Blog Builds Your Visibility Online and Gets Clients If you start blogging consistently today, I promise you that in three months you will have more clients clamoring for your services than you can handle.
I've discovered with my own marketing blog that it doesn't do to blog too often, because I get many more offers of writing jobs than I could complete in a dozen lifetimes.
You don't have to do anything special to get clients via your blog, except to indicate that you're open to offers of writing jobs.
Test Prices and Services on Your Blog Here's another way a blog helps your professional writing career.
You can test prices and the services you offer very easily.
For example, let's say you decide to increase your rates from $80 an hour to $100 an hour.
You can test the price on your blog, and you may be surprised that you get more clients when you raise your prices.
Here's another example.
Let's say that you've got the Twitter bug and you want to get social media marketing jobs.
Just write about social media marketing services on your blog: there's no need to advertise anywhere else.
Since you're already getting traffic, when you blog about a topic the people who are interested in that topic will find you.
Persistence is the Secret: Your First Year of Blogging and Beyond Your blog will become more powerful the longer it's online.
It's an investment which repays itself over and over.
When you've gained an audience on a blog, you can use that audience in various ways.
You can: * Monetize your blog posts * Create products which you can sell * and much more.
Your opportunities are only limited by your imagination.

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