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The Value Of Seo Website Design

When someone is designing a website, it is important to keep search engine optimization in mind. There are a number of ways that using SEO website design methods can help set a site up for success and begin improving its search engine ranking from the day it is launched. Using this kind of web site design, webmasters can improve their Google image search ranking, set up content management systems that can improve indexing of SEO keyword content and build in social media sharing options.

Google Image Search Ranking

Something that a lot of website designers ignore is the ability to improve search engine rankings and increase traffic is through Google's image search. They have recently begun to improve the way that the search engine indexes images, and having a high image search ranking can drive traffic. To ensure that a website shows up in image search results, it is important that SEO design methods are used.

To begin with, images need names that describe what they are. For example, a photo of cat food should be named cat_food.jpg. Additionally, webmasters should use HTML "ALT" tags that describe images. Captions are also helpful since Google indexes image search results based on clues found in HTML and text that is around images.

Setting Up Content Management Systems for Better Indexing

Another important part of SEO website design is setting up a content management system (CMS) that makes indexing a website easier for search engines. There are a large number of CMSs available for websites, and they allow webmasters to sort content by subject, type of content and keywords. This will help prevent duplicate content in the future while also making a website easier for visitors to navigate.

Creating URLs and File Names that are SEO Friendly

While there is a large focus on creating SEO keyword content and developing backlinks to improve search engine rankings, many people forget or are not aware that file names and URL structure also play a part in SEO. Webmasters can see improved search engine rankings by simply naming files and directories based on keywords.

Not only does creating descriptive file names help webmasters sort and identify files with ease, it also counts in a positive way towards the amount of keyword usage when a site is being indexed. This means that websites do not have to worry about using keywords as many times in content and making it seem natural. Additionally, this can work hand in hand with content management systems; many can be set up to create HTML file names based on titles given to content.

Build Social Media Sharing Into A Site

Social media is growing in importance in search engine ranking. Google has stated that a "Like" or positive feedback to a website on a social media network counts as a positive backlink. This means that webmasters can focus on creating social media feedback and not worry as much about quality backlinking. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+, along with many others, have sharing buttons that can be automatically added to any content created, making it easier for visitors to share or "Like" a website.

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