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The Grapefruit Juice Diet - Honest Review

The Grapefruit juice diet is just another one of those diets that restrict the type of food intake.
The premise of the diet is that you drink grapefruit juice with every meal and eat as much meat as you can tolerate.
Let's look at the actual diet plan.
Breakfast is a combination of 4 ounces of grapefruit juice (the amount has to be exactly four ounces according to the rules of the diet.
); two eggs cooked any way you desire, and two pieces of bacon.
Lunch includes another 4 ounce glass of grapefruit, a cooked vegetable with butter, salt, pepper and seasonings or a salad and as much meat as you can consume.
Dinner repeats lunch but you get a cup of coffee with the meal.
Evening snack is a glass of milk.
The diet claims that these magical combinations of meat and grapefruit juice burn fat.
The diet itself is a modification of a low carbohydrate diet and low calorie diet.
Proteins and fats burn slower to give the feeling of satiety and reduce the need to snack.
The grapefruit juice diet has other rules also.
Every day the dieter consumes eight glasses containing 8-ounces of water, reduce caffeine, eliminate snacks, use generous amounts of butter on cooked vegetables, no bread, dessert or white vegetables and no sweet potatoes.
The diet also recommends you eat until you can't hold another bite and claims that the more you eat the more you lose.
This diet is a 12-day on and 2 day off program repeated repeatedly.
Other rules mentioned in the grapefruit diet require that all food combinations be included.
According to the diet if you omit one you won't burn fat.
The diet claims that you must eat the minimum at each meal but fails to give serving amounts, so it is up to the dieter to guess the minimum diet requirement.
One more leeway is the rule on double and triple portions.
While you must eat the minimum, there is no ceiling on the amount of meat and vegetables or salad.
This diet is not a well balanced diet.
While grapefruit does contain a compound that reduces cholesterol production, there is no other evidence that it burns fat.
Grapefruit juice blocks the effectiveness of prescription calcium-channel blockers, some sedatives and estrogens.
The grapefruit juice diet is not well balanced.
Grapefruit juice contains important vitamins and gives many health benefits.
Adding a glass or two, a day to your diet is not a problem, in fact very beneficial.
The problem comes from long-term use of the severely restrictive carbohydrate diet.
The use of eight 8-ounce glasses of water does flush a lot of the residue left over after protein digestion but may be too much for the average person.
Boring, unbalanced and downright dangerous for long periods, I highly recommend you omit the grapefruit juice diet from your diet lists and eat healthy.

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