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Summary of Anthropology


    • Anthropologists usually have training in one of four main sub-fields: sociocultural, biological, linguistic or archaeology. Well-rounded anthropological research includes integrating some aspects of all four types of anthropology.


    • Anthropological research uses four common methods. A holistic approach looks at all aspects, both cultural and physical, of a people. Evolutionary anthropology looks at a people from their most ancient origins to the present day. Non-Western emphasis approaches comparative anthropology with an emphasis on the typically neglected non-Western cultures. Fieldwork involves living among and studying people on a first hand basis.


    • Anthropology is often viewed as the study of only foreign and exotic places. Films present anthropologists living among the indigenous people of the Amazon rain forest or Pacific Islands. While this is studied, anthropologists also dedicate research to the structure of the human hand or a comparing hip-hop culture in Los Angeles versus New York.

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