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Tips to Find the Perfect Junior-Senior Buyer Jobs!

The retail sector is structured across many different sub-sectors and target market specialisations, from large-scale grocers and supermarkets through to small independent local retail outlets.
Regionality and geography also play an important part when thinking about your employment prospects in this area, with a natural polarisation toward the centre of towns and cities, rural high streets and out-of-town retail parks.
One thing every operation shares is the need to source and buy, at competitive pricing levels, the most appropriate range and volume of products for the customer base.
This means that the business will rely on their internal buying skills, so many retail workers when planning their career path and progression aim toward the essential stepping stones of both Junior Buyer Jobs and Senior Buyer Jobs.
Whatever the nature of the market you are looking at, and that may include food & drink, household goods, fashion, financial services, groceries, the automotive trade, travel or computers, your skills as a buyer will be largely transferable.
For Junior Buyer Jobs you will need to show that you understand the retail process, from source to profit, and demonstrate a track record in negotiating competitive contracts to supply, from an existing base of producers, manufacturers, suppliers, or distributors.
If you're looking at Senior Buyer jobs then you have probably already worked for a significant time in a junior buyer role already, so will already have the skills and experience necessary to be considered as a potential candidate for your chosen role.
Thereafter for the seniority of the position you will also need to include within your skill set and repertoire an ability to manage stock, customers, and of course the retail team working on the actual "shop-floor".
This latter element cannot be underestimated because it is often part of the buyer's role to motivate the selling staff, as it is they who will ultimately account for the success of the products you have chosen, supported by an appropriate marketing effort.

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