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Casa Mun: Asian Closed Door Dining Experience

Guest Author: Karina Martinez-Carter:

Karina Martinez-Carter is a travel writer based in Buenos Aires and one half of a duo behind Tara & Karina Go Out a blog about food and adventure with dual settings in New York and Buenos Aires. You can find more of Karina's writings on her blog ( and Twitter account (@KMartinezCarter).

Karina gives an excellent run down of Casa Mun, the terrific Asian closed door restaurant that's making waves in the Buenos Aires food scene.

You can also find images of the dishes she mentions in this photo gallery.

Casa Mun: Asian Closed Door Dining Experience:

Every Friday and Saturday evening in a trendy loft on the edge of the Palermo neighborhood, Chef Mun, born in Korea, raised in the U.S. and now living in Buenos Aires, serves 12-16 guests an intimate, multi-course dinner of Asian fare replete with wine pairings. His namesake closed-door restaurant (or puerta cerrada), Casa Mun, has been filling seats at weekly dinner parties since opening in March, and with good reason. People come for the exquisitely prepared food, the company and as people say in Argentina, the “buena onda,” loosely translated to “good vibes.”

Chef Mun serves a range of dishes that feature and blend the cuisines of Korea, China, California and at times, as evidenced in the past “torta alfajor rogel” dessert, Argentina. Dishes on the set, fixed-price menu have included fresh sushi and sashimi, dim sum, fiery fish tacos topped with a dollop of jalapeño wasabi guacamole as well as flavorful Korean barbecue.

Chef Mun’s dishes are some of the tastiest and most interesting in Buenos Aires, and one would be hard-pressed to find a similar fusion palate anywhere else in the city. Chef Mun’s carefully selects different Argentine wines, and each is a perfect pairing for its respective course.

Chef Mun and his staff pay particular attention to the ambiance and service at Casa Mun, ensuring every dinner is both social and intimate, and that the fine dining setting still feels comfortably relaxed. Guests are invariably a mix of locals, whether long-term expats who have made Buenos Aires home or porteños (those from Buenos Aires) or Embassy personnel, and in-the-know tourists. People come in small groups, pairs or solo, and the conversation always flows throughout the initial champagne reception, five courses and the serving of green tea that winds down the affair. In both cuisine and community, Casa Mun brings something new and not-to-be-missed to the table.

Sample Menu:

Champagne Reception: Cave Extreme Extra Brut

Oshibori ~ (Hot Towel Service)

Seared Albacore Sashimi Salad with Japanese Dressing
Wine Pairing: Rama Negra Sauvignon Blanc 2009

Vegetarian & Ecuadorian Shrimp Maki Sushi & Spicy Tuna on Pan Fried Crispy Rice
Wine Pairing: AVE Premium Torrontés 2009

Momofuku-Style Pork Buns
Wine Pairing:Lecce Malbec 2009

Sashimi “Bi Bim Bap” A twist on the Korean favorite ~ sashimi on sushi rice with vegetables, spicy sauce & toasted sesame seeds.
Wine Pairing: Finca Roja Pinot Noir 2009

Chocolate Volcanoes with Fresh Fruit & Berries
Green Tea (or optional Johnny Walker Black Label pairing)

Note: menu items, wine selections and prices are subject to change.


Address: Palermo Viejo, CABA (Exact Address Provided With Reservation)
Phone: 15-3356-0092

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