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Get a Bigger Penis in 3 Months Using This Method

Penis extender - What is it? A penis extender is a small medical device that fits around the flaccid penis and stretches it using a simple screw mechanism.
The device is put over the penis, one part at the base and the other part just below the glans, it can then be tensioned by adjusting the screws on the side of the device.
Penis extender - How it works The penis extender, when created had strong evidence that it would work, and this is due to the adaption principal.
This principal can be explained simply as when stress is caused on a part of the body, the body will try and adapt to this stress.
For example professional athletes have larger lung capacities as their bodies have adapted to the training.
The same is said for the penis, when the penis is put under a stretching force it will adapt by growing longer and bigger.
The penis extender works by stretching the penis slowly and allows the penis to grow at its own pace.
Penis extenders versus other methods: There are numerous other methods of penis enlargement available but none offer the safe safety and effectiveness of the penis extender.
Penis pumps can work temporarily at enlarging the penis, but they have also caused bleeding and other problems due to their nature.
Pills that claim to work also are very ineffective, no pill has ever been linked to increased growth of the penis, plus most pills are just a combination of vitamins and plant extracts.
Surgery can be effective, but it would be painful, there are many risks involved and it costs huge amounts money.
Penis extenders are safer and have medical evidence to back them up.
What are typical gains? If you use the device as instructed by the manufacturer, which is normally five to eight hours per day.
Naturally the more you can use it the faster the gains will happen.
In the first 3 month of use, provided it is used properly, you can expect 1 to 1.
5 inches in length, and if you use it for another 3 months you can expect possibly another inch in length in length.
The girth increase is proportionate to how much length is increased.
Using the device for so many hours a day can cause discomfort if you buy a cheap inferior model, look for something that mentions comfort features as it will be far more comfortable to use in the long run.

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