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Emails lost post synchronization between Blackberry and MS Outlook

In most cases, a Blackberry owner receives lots of e-mails in a single day. These emails can be synchronized with your Microsoft Outlook, so that the user can easily access the e-mails, in case the user is not physically present at his/her home. You can also synchronize your tasks, calendars, and contacts by using the 'Desktop Manager' option in your Blackberry. While synchronization provides a user with various benefits, it can also result in deletion of e-mails (saved in Inbox). In such cases, an easy way to access your e-mail(s) is by restoring them from an updated backup. However, if in case the email(s) backup is not being creates or backup falls short to restore the required e-mail(s), then you will need to use advanced third-party Deleted mail Recovery [] software.

To illustrate the above case, consider two scenarios where you have synchronized your Blackberry Curve 8300 with Outlook 2003.
1)When you delete an e-mail from your Blackberry Curve 8300, the same e-mail also gets deleted from Outlook 2003.
2)When you erase an e-mail from Outlook 2003, the e-mail gets deleted from Blackberry Curve 8300.


The root cause of e-mail deletion in both the above scenarios is when you delete any e-mail from a Blackberry, it automatically gets deleted from Outlook, and vice-versa.


All the data displayed in the Outlook components (e-mails, tasks, contacts, notes, calendar items, etc.) is saved in a PST file, which is saved on the client hard disk. If you have created a backup of this file, then you can easily restore your lost data. However, if the backup is not available, then you will need to opt for an advanced Deleted Email Recovery software.

These third-party recovery tools can Recover Deleted Email [] from Outlook. These read only utilities are readily available on the Internet, and are easy-to-install and easy-to-understand. With detailed user-manual, the recovery process can be carried out even by a novice user. These software are competent enough to recover e-mails after Shift+Delete operation and erasing data from Deleted Items folder.

Stellar Phoenix Deleted Email Recovery, a renowned recovery tool, ensures complete recovery of deleted emails from PST files created in Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000. The software can Recover Deleted Email of virtually any size and allows you to restore it in.pst,.msb, and.eml files. Supported by Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP, and 2000, the tool also recovers e-mails from password protected files.

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