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What Separate Affiliate Marketers From Super Affiliate Marketers?

So what is the Super Affiliate Secrets that separate them from normal affiliate marketer? But before I answer you the question, let me share with you some startling facts about a affiliate program and the affiliate that promote the affiliate program.
It was a research that I had done recently.
The research show that: -Less than 6% of the affiliate earn about 80 % of the sales commission.
-Less than 11% of the affiliate earn commission for every commission payout period.
-Less than 20% of the affiliate do make some commission at some point.
-More than 78% of the affiliate earn very little or even no commission.
Why is it so? Is it that affiliate marketing is a tough business.
I don't think so.
If it is so then nobody will be making money but the evidence show that there are still people making lot of money from affiliate program.
So let us discover and learn the 7 Super Affiliate Secrets that will explode our affiliate commissions.
Super Affiliate Secret 1 - Super Affiliate select carefully which products to promote.
Super affiliate don't just promote any products that come their way.
When a super affiliate chooses a products to promote, he will go and take a look at the sale copy, the price of the products, the quality of the products and the payout of the commissions.
Super Affiliate Secret 2 - Super Affiliate chooses a higher payout commissions product to promote.
Do you know that you take the same effort to promote a $27 product and a $97 product.
So with the same effort, the will chose the promote the higher price item since it is the same amount of work done.
Super Affiliate Secret 3 - Super Affiliate know how to build long term and trustful relationship with their lists.
Never ever break contact with your list.
It is better to stay connected to your lists and connect to them often.
If you are using email as a way to communicate with them, I would advise you to communicate with them at least once a or twice a week so that they will not get unfamiliar with you.
Or another way is that you can use a blog as a communication channel as blog had become such a powerful tool recently.
You can build relationship and drive traffic to your blog at the same time.
What a great benefit.
Super Affiliate Secret 4 - Super Affiliate Never promote multiple products in a single emails.
So many time I see marketers are making this mistake.
When you sent out an email, they put 2-3 affiliate links of different products.
They are thinking of giving the prospect choice but they are wrong, they are just confusing the prospect.
What you want to do in an email is to tell your prospect to take an action.
If you give too many choice, how are you going to lead the prospect to take an action.
Which action do you want them to take? Hope you get my point.
Super Affiliate Secret 5 - Super Affiliate Create multiple streams of income.
Super Affiliate does not rely on just 1 stream of income.
They will not just promote a product and that it.
They will also include AdSense ad, use exit popup, thank you page to leverage on the traffic that they generate.
They will make every sale possible, even though people don't buy, they will still click on some ads.
That the idea.
Super Affiliate Secret 6 - Super Affiliate continue to educate themselves Super Affiliate will never stop learning.
They will continue to learn new ways to generate traffic, increase conversion and building a lists.
I can't stress the important of education.
Education to me show how humble a person is when come to learning.
The person who does not stop learning will continue moving to the next level.
Super Affiliate Secret 7 - Super Affiliate will not just be an Affiliate Super Affiliate goes beyond just being a affiliate.
They will start create products of their own and start to recruit affiliate under them.
As they know, promote product can earn a good commission but having your own product give you greater flexibility and greater profits.
In conclusion It is not possible to become a super affiliate, it is just that nobody told you can be one too! So apply what I share with you today and become a super affiliate!

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