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How to Control Hypertension

There's one good saying "Health is Wealth", well said.
Good health in other words is energy, happiness and all of these bring serenity in our life.
Combating with the situations which come in our way and still maintaining health is not an easy task.
But nothing is impossible, impossible is the word that itself says "I'm possible".
After all we are human, we have feelings and emotions like happiness, sadness, anger and so on.
Everyday we go through these emotions and sometimes we stress ourselves when limit is crossed.
Stress is definitely a cause of hypertension.
Every one of us reacts differently to stress.
Some of us smoke, take drink, cry, eat too much or less, etc.
Because of stress, adrenaline hormone is released which cause vasoconstriction.
What actually is stress? It's a strain which we take upon us due to the external or internal factors like: oNo money, no job.
Today's big problem oJob dissatisfaction, oSpoilt relationship with superior.
oNot able to meet the time line.
oSocial stress, pressure of society, oUnmarried peoples get loneliness.
Stress can be relieved by stress management.
Everybody is blessed with some or the other skills, some people are good in painting, some are good in singing, dancing and some good in their colonial hand.
Try the things which makes you feel relax.
Other options are also there like: oMeditation oYoga oSports oListening to music oReading Everybody starting from children to old age population is fond of eating.
How many of us can control over eating habits? Hardly any.
We like French fries, pizzas, canned food but guess the content of sodium! Our daily requirement of sodium is 1500mg, less than a teaspoon.
But two slices of pizza exceed our daily requirement.
What happens next? Sodium imbalance, kidney failure, water retention, weight gain, edema, loss of potassium which all are reasons for hypertension.
We can overcome all of these especially by changing our lifestyle.
Hypertension can be controlled by DASH (Dietary approaches to stop hypertension) plan and regular regime of workout and control over diet.
Eating food containing high potassium like nuts, legumes and lowering sodium intake by avoiding especially canned or preserved food items.
Whenever we are happy we celebrate with a Champagne, which is a must.
Social drinking doesn't impact on our body much.
But addiction of alcohol drinking which goes hand in hand with smoking too, does impact.
Not much is known about direct relationship between alcohol addiction and hypertension.
But studies show that after alcohol consumption it sets on sympathetic activity and vasoconstriction related hormones are released and thus becomes a cause of hypertension.
Alcohol consumption coupled with other disorders like obesity could synergistically affect blood pressure.
Only way to overcome alcohol related hypertension is to quit dependency on alcohol and smoking.
Hard to do but not impossible.
Engage yourself with family members or some kind of sports or support group which does not remind of drinking and smoking.
These were the ways which we implement in our lives and get rid of hypertension.
But to bring down the blood pressure quickly antihypertensive medicines are available.
Some of them are as stated: oDiuretics such as bumetanide, epitizide oVasodilators such as sodium nitroprusside oAntagonist of adrenaline receptor like timolol, terazosin Again there is a saying that ignorance is bliss, but in body science ignorance can be life threatening.

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