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What Causes a Dryer to Overheat?

    Dryer Vent Hose Issues

    • A dryer vent hose that is cracking, that contains holes or that is not properly attached can cause the dryer to overheat. If the vent hose contains too much back pressure or air buildup within the hose, overheating can also occur and can lead to a fire hazard. When replacing dryer vent hoses, purchase and install one that is rigid aluminum, steel or spiral-wound aluminum that is flexible. Do not purchase and install a white vinyl hose, which is not approved by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and can lead to a fire hazard.

    Internal Lint Issues

    • Lint surrounding the dryer's motor, burner shroud/electric controls, inside the vent hose and the dryer's interior cabinet is another cause of a dryer overheating. Lint builds up over time, and the dryer has to work extra hard to dry your clothing. This extra strain on the appliance's parts leads to overheating and a possible fire hazard.

    Appliance Clearance Space

    • A dryer sitting too close to a wall or other appliances can also cause the appliance to overheat. Not allowing enough space for the vent hose and assembly can allow a reduction in airflow around the dryer and a buildup of lint around the outside of the dryer. Over time, the dryer has to work harder to dry clothes and eventually overheats.

    Drying Improper Items

    • Drying rubber-backed items, including athletic shoes, plastic and vinyl items, and items containing alcohol, oil, spot removers, gasoline and dry cleaning solvents can also cause a dryer to overheat. Read the fabric tag on items you want to dry to ensure the item is safe to dry in your dryer.

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