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How to Make a Mark Antony Costume

    • 1). Wrap a white sheet around your body like a toga. You can either wrap the sheet around your body and over one shoulder or simply around your waist and leave your torso bare.

    • 2). Wear a brown vest made of leather or another cloth over your toga.

    • 3). Cut long diamond shapes out of a piece of brown craft foam. The diamond pieces should extend from your waist to your knees. Cut enough shapes to circle all the way around your waist. The length and the number of diamonds will depend on the size of the person who will be wearing the costume.

    • 4). Attach the brown diamond pieces to the back of your brown belt using super glue. When you wear the belt, the brown craft foam pieces will create a skirt that will look like the kind Mark Antony would have worn.

    • 5). Wear brown sandals with your costume and wrap brown ribbons around your legs up to your knees so that they look like the laces that Egyptian men would wear around their legs.

    • 6). Wrap a gold garland around your head to complete your Mark Antony costume.

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