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Sqip Messenger is a desktop application that opens a whole new world on how you work and play online.It downloads in minutes...instant setup with almost zero configuration. Easy, Instant...and lots of Fun.

The features Sqip Messenger offers Chat using text, voice and video, Show and share your browser during a chat session, Multi user conferencing, Record conferences, presentations and Webinars for later on demand playback, Transfer files even when the other user is offline, Work together on just about anything in real time while in an online meeting.It has Multi-function scheduler built in, Allow remote control of your mouse pointer and keyboard, Surf the web together, Share Multi Media using Messenger Live wire, Make cheap international calls, Call International mobile phones at local rates with our new MobiGate feature, Secure virtual spaces. Present your site within the space for any purpose.You can send and receive money instantly when Messenger is linked to your ewallet also.
RKG technology is State of the Art encryption for secure, protected peer to peer communication. Messenger is currently getting a makeover with new interface designs.SqipCom has recently merged with our telecoms provider.The new web site with our combined services will launch soon.The services will include FREE and massively discounted calls using landlines, mobiles and web browser.
This new Messenger will also be available as a desktop application similar to but better than Skype. As an affiliate you will earn instant cash commission every time anyone in your Referral Network subscribes to Messenger.There is no purchase or qualification required before you earn commission.The mind does boggle a bit at the's kinda endless. Click here to have a look.

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