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The Ten Excuses That Break the Steps to Home Business Success

Some people always have negative comments of some kind when you are going after your dream.
They do not mean to discourage your endeavor but somehow they always do.
You must learn to replace the negative comments with your own positive ones to become unstoppable in your quest for your dream.
You should just get a real job.
Why do you work so hard on that home business they question not understanding the desire for a better life.
Now is not the right time to build your home business we are in a world finical melt down.
Not understanding timing never has anything to do with your success because you will be successful when you decide to.
You will never make any money with that program you will lose your investment.
The outsider has no idea of the drive and desire to achieve a goal they content answering to Boss every day.
Not knowing that something better is only one small step outside their comfort zone.
Don't make waves this is the way we always did it.
Change for people stuck in the rat race is difficult.
Because they are blinded by the routine and unwilling to change.
They think it is safer not knowing better is just around the corner.
No one has ever been successful at this before why should you.
That is because no one ever decided to be successful at it before now.
You do not have the ability to meet the challenge.
That's funny, with only an 8th grade education I held a job with one of the biggest telecommunication companies for 21 years working and being paid as an engineer.
You will be discouraged why try.
The discouragement will be from not trying and living an empty unsatisfying and unfulfilled life.
You are not the right kind of person to build a home business.
You need to be one of the heavy hitter types.
Not knowing all you need is the desire because it is worth more than gold.
Keep your meal ticket 9 to 5.
It is a sure thing, the home business is so uncertain.
When you know the home business will pay back a hundred times the 9 to 5 ever will.
You will hear no one wants to buy that there is no market.
When there really is an even bigger market for your program than even you could imagine.
You will never fulfill your dreams listening to the dooms day negative people stuck into their 9 to 5 jails.
It takes stepping out of your comfort zone just a little to live your dream.
Remember the only dream that really counts is your own so keep the picture of it in your mind like it was a big neon sign.
Then your steps to home business success will be easy.

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