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Italy Passport Requirements

    Application Sites

    • Italian citizens can apply for a passport at any police station, the Passport Office of Commissioner of Public Safety, station of the Carabineri (military office), the post office or the municipal office.

    In the United States

    • People in the United States trying to obtain an Italian passport must apply in person at the Italian Embassy in Washington, D.C., or the nearest Italian Consulate.


    • Italian citizens must present a government-issued personal identification card, a certified birth certificate and proof of residency.

    Proof of Citizenship

    • People in the United States who have gained citizenship through marriage or have a parent who is Italian must present appropriate documentation, such as a marriage license and birth certificate showing parentage. Photo identification is also required as proof of residency.

    Photographs and Fingerprints

    • All applicants must submit two identical color 2-by-2-inch passport photographs. In addition, applicants must submit two fingerprints, which will be taken at the time of application.


    • Parents or guardians of minors must submit a "declaration of minor" form in addition to parental consent for the passport. Minors also need two passport photos, and fingerprints will be taken. A certified birth certificate also must be presented.

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