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Buying Your First Telescope For Backyard Astronomy

At current estimates, the universe contains 70,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars! Backyard astronomy allows you to see some of these beautiful sites. A first telescope is always an amazing thing. You get to learn and see new things. As you read this article, discover more about buying your first telescope for backyard astronomy.

If you have never purchased a telescope in the past, then you are perhaps wondering how to buy telescopes. Even though telescopes are scientific instruments, there is nothing stopping you from buying your first time telescope and getting the most out of astronomy.

Before buying your first telescope, you will want to consider some things first. Ask yourself how much of an interest you have in astronomy. Obviously a bigger interest will mean that you can invest more into buying telescopes, than you would, if you simply want to touch upon astronomy.

Setting a budget of $200 to $500, you can expect to get good sights of objects such as our Moon, the planets, including Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Your first telescope can also allow you to see deep space objects, such as nebula, and other galaxies.

There are telescopes for sale with price tags of around $100 or less, but I strongly suggest you make an investment in a telescope, rather than simply buying one which won't meet your minimum needs. These toy store $100 telescopes can be great for children, to arouse there interest.

Price is not the only factor to consider when buying a telescope. Even though a higher priced telescope will likely have better optics, and mount, and produce much better views, the truth is there are other things to consider.

One of these other factors is the space you have. A telescope may look like it can fit where you want it, however in practice, they could require much more space.

A look at where you will use your telescope is the third important consideration. Telescopes can be bulky, and heavy. A telescope must also be protected from rain, and generally from the elements, which would make your telescope become used in no time!

Some telescope tripods are made out of metal alloy. And these are generally ok to be kept outside, however, they will likely rust unless protected. Having even a makeshift observatory can be a great idea, but is not often practical.

An alternative which many go with, is putting the telescope in the garage, and then carry it outside for backyard astronomy. And here is where it can become a bit of a burden, as the telescope can be quite heavy.

Considering these factors should help you in buying the best telescope for your needs. You can find telescope for sale at a number of different places, the easiest being to buy telescopes online.

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