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What Is the Safest Way to Polish Your Car?

    Wash and Polish Safely by Hand

    • 1). Wash your vehicle in the shade, out of direct sunlight. Do not ever wash your car in direct sunlight unless you can run water continuously over the vehicle. Use only car-wash soap. Do not use laundry or dish detergent. Only car-wash soap is specially formulated to clean and protect your car's finish. Make sure you do not skip any spots.

    • 2). Dry your car completely with a clean damp cloth. Wring out your drying cloth after drying each section to avoid streaking the surface. Drive the car to blow out the remaining water that has settled around the chrome or plastic trim. Park your car in the shade and dry off the excess water your short drive exposed.

    • 3). Allow your car's finish to completely cool. The short drive you took to blow it off also heated up the car's surface, so let it cool in the shade. As soon as your car's hood is cool to the touch, you are ready to begin your polishing/waxing.

    • 4). Read and follow the directions on the back of your can of car polish/wax. Most polish products come with an application pad. Apply a thin coat of polish in small, tight circles with your application pad. Apply your polish to only one small section (about 2 feet by 2 feet) at a time. Allow the polish to dry and film over into a whitish, powdery glaze. Follow the recommended drying times on the back of the can.

    • 5). Use a clean, dry polish cloth to remove the polish/wax as soon as it glazes over. Remove it in the manner you applied it, with small, tight circles of your cloth. Take a new clean, dry polish cloth and go over the entire car again, wiping very hard and quickly. Turn your polish cloth repeatedly as you go back over each polished section. This will remove any missed polish and add sheen.

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