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The Bloke"s Guide to Buying Bras - An Introduction

Sometimes a man has to boldly go where he has never gone before - shopping in a ladies' underwear shop or website.
It seems to be a mysterious place that transcends time and space; where lace, satin and frills are everywhere.
It can turn the most macho of men into a gibbering wreck.
It is no use.
You cannot delay any longer; you want to buy the woman of your dreams some gorgeous underwear and you are only a mouse click away from fulfilment, or in other words, a purchase.
Many men like to browse around in underwear sites to have a good look around.
There are many gorgeous items in there.
You choose a garment, you choose the colour - what now? What size are you going to need? Thud.
That was the sound of your heavy heart.
It is a disaster.
It is like visiting a foreign country without knowing the language.
There are a few basic principles which need to be understood.
Walking into a real shop will not be any easier.
In fact, it could well be far more embarrassing all round and the assistant will not have the first idea what size your girlfriend is.
"Her bust size? She is your size, kind of.
But different.
Very Different.
What size are you?" The likelihood of the shop assistant telling you her actual bra size is extremely slim and it would not help you to make a purchase in the correct size.
The solution Firstly, peep into your girlfriend's underwear drawer.
Her bras will have little labels inside near the clasp.
The writing can fade with laundering, so it may be best to check the newer ones.
If you find more than one size, look at the ones you know she has worn recently, as they will be the ones that are more likely to fit correctly and comfortably at the moment.
There will be two parts to the size, a number and a letter, for example 36C.
Be careful, some bras may have their measurements in centimetres.
Never confuse centimetres with inches.
Buying the slim woman of your dreams a size 80 inch bra was always going to be a disaster...

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