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Government Takeover: We"re Boiling

The Weather's Hot...
But Not As Hot As The Water We're In
In business school I learned of the parable of the boiling frog - the story that illustrates how gradual, progressive movements can radically transform a situation.
It's a story all Americans should understand today.
It goes like this: if you place a frog in a pan of lukewarm water, he's happy.
If you turn the temperature up a single degree, he doesn't notice...
he's still happy.
You turn the burner up another single degree.
He's fine.
Eventually, he might think it's a bit warm in there, but at some point he will literally boil to death, never sensing danger.
Progressives in the United States, using their control of the opinion-leading institutions of our country (the government, the financial industry - led by the "Federal Reserve" - the media, the entertainment industry, and academe), have gradually turned up the heat on our country for more than a hundred years.
If you think it's warm these days, it's probably more than the summer sunshine...
it's the murderous heat of statism, sapping the energy out of our economy, our society, and our freedom-driven way of life.
When will the citizens of this nation notice? When will we alert ourselves and each other, and jump out of the hot water? The ridiculous deception of the current Washington argument over the "debt ceiling" is a great example.
We've been told that August 2nd will be a day of "default" unless the government's debt limit is increased.
It's like being told that a certain day in May will be the end of the world - no one talks months later about how the prophecy proved false, just as you won't hear anything about August 2nd by October, even if the debt ceiling is left untouched.
There will be no default.
It's just a political game.
But here's how their steaming us: the president and Republicans are arguing about spending "cuts" of somewhere between one and three trillion dollars.
Sounds great.
But that's from a baseline of spending INCREASES.
If this crazy bargain is made, all it means is that the national deficit will climb only six or seven trillion dollars in the next decade, instead of nine trillion.
you're getting warmer..
It turns out we could balance our national budget in six years, according to Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, by simply eschewing that spending growth and then cutting our real spending by one percent - one percent! - each year for the next six.
It's hard to believe that a single degree per year could keep the frog from boiling...
but that's how quickly the pan will cool off if you simply stop cranking up the heat.
The nation may already be doomed to a boiling fate.
But it will cool down, and rise again, if enough of us have the personal responsibility to jump out of the hot water NOW.
Get a real financial education...
learn how the global conspiracy against your money is robbing you of a solid future.
Get healthy...
make yourself more energetic, whatever your age, so you can take the coming heat.
And start a business.
If you don't have a revenue stream to call your own, you'll cook.
Feeling the heat yet? by Michael D.
Hume, M.

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