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How to Make a Karaoke Music CD

    • 1). Determine the venue at which your karaoke CD will be used and which songs people in the audience likely know. For example, if you are creating a karaoke CD for a child's birthday party and it will be the children, not the adults, doing the singing, then consider which television programs the kids enjoy or ask the parents.

    • 2). Purchase the karaoke songs you want from online sites such as the iTunes Store or Karaoke songs utilize a particular type of file, meaning that you cannot just download any type of music file for karaoke purposes. Download karaoke-ready music, which has audio and video (song lyrics) files.

    • 3). Download and install a CD+G burning program. Power Karaoke (see Resources) is one such program. A regular CD burner will not work because it will not recognize the text on the karaoke song.

    • 4). Insert the blank CD into your computer. After the computer recognizes the CD, open your CD+G burning program and select the karaoke songs you want to burn onto the CD. Then click on "Burn," or a similar option.

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