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Scooter Buying Guide


    • There are more than 1,000 brands of scooters, so you will definitely have to do your research. Decide if you want something from a familiar name like Honda, Suzuki or Vespa, or if you are willing to go with a lesser-known brand to save money.

    Engine Type

    • Scooters with gas-powered engines have traditionally been more popular. But as gas prices have risen and battery technology has improved, electric scooters have grown in demand because of their low emissions and low maintenance costs.

    Engine Size

    • How much power will you need with your scooter? Will you need to go up lots of hills? Will you need to be able to accelerate through intersections? These are things to consider when looking for a particular scooter.


    • Know that the company that manufactured your scooter believes in its product. Some scooter makers offer as little as a 60-day warranty. Beware of shoddy manufacturers. Do your research.


    • Consider the cost of the scooter. It goes beyond the selling price of the vehicle. Take into account the cost of gas (if applicable), insurance and maintenance.

    Where to Buy

    • Most scooters are sold at brick-and- mortar locations where you can see and touch the vehicle to get a good feel for it. However, there are plenty of places online where you can buy the scooter, but keep in mind that there could be additional shipping costs.

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