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Sell My Timeshare - How to Get it Done

Many people enjoy their investment in a timeshare, but for one reason or another they decide it is time to sell it.
There are several things you can do so that your timeshare doesn't simply expire and you end up wasting most of the money you invested in it.
Depending on where your particular timeshare is there may be a significant market for it.
Advertising that it is for sale is going to be the best way to generate responses from those other interested parties.
While the goal should be to sell the timeshare for more than you paid for it, this isn't always a reality.
You may have to be happy with selling it for the same price you purchased it for, which is still a profit when you stop to consider how much you have used it and what it would have cost you for other accommodations.
There are times though when you will find the market has dropped and you are going to have to sell the timeshare for less than what you invested in it.
You will need to do some research on the going rates of current timeshares in the area to see what you can realistically expect.
You may want to sell your timeshare on your own or ask an agency to take care of it for you.
If you are able to spread the word among friends and family that you are selling a timeshare you may have a buyer almost immediately.
You can also advertise it for free in many places online.
Sometimes paid advertising with an agency, newspapers, or online will get you the best response.
Make sure your advertisement for the timeshare is honest but also very enticing to those who read it.
Be prepared to answer many questions including why you want to sell the timeshare.
Many people are afraid to buy a timeshare from an individual so you may have better luck if you go through a broker.
They may charge you a flat rate for the service or a percentage of the sale of the timeshare.

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