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Galaxy X Covers Case

If you are in the market for a Samsung X cover case you can choose an entire world of covers for your mobile handset. These covers are divided along the following lines; leather cases, designer pouches, and even the odd soft fabric sheaths. These covers can be classified as follows:

Leather Cases:
Flip Case(s) - These as the name suggests come in a flip design, the two folds of the leather material are essentially held together by a magnetic button; the flip case retails for a price of some $16.
Pouch case(s) As the name suggests this case is essentially a pouch. You need only slide the phone inside the pouch and your phone is robbed. The pouch case retails for a price of $ 10 at most retail stores.
Vertical case(s) As the name suggests the vertical case essentially has a design specification that allows the mobile handset in only through a vertical slide inside. This design retails at an average price of $20.
Book case(s) This design essentially comes fashioned as a book case. It differs from the flip case design cover in the sense that it has a spiral bind at its base and as such is different at least in terms of design specifications. This case retails for the price of $ 20.

Outside the leather design there are a number of other cases that you can elect to do your job of sheathing your phone; this includes the following:
Leather belt clip: This is an accessory that not only makes your phone look presentable but it can also add to your swagger when its strapped on to your person. This belt clip comes in the red color and retails for the price of $ 13.
Shield Skin: This sheath is transparent in color and will retail for the price of $ 13.
Mesh case: This case is a beauty to behold. In the same way that people are attracted to fishnet stockings (their visual appearance) or to the design outlay of nets so are the passions that this mesh case -or at least its design leitmotif will evoke. The case comes in color black and will retails for the sum of $ 13.
Diamanite Back cover: This casing stands out based on the fact that it has the love heart design in its background and this against a purple backdrop essentially ensures that you case stands out from the pack. This case retails for the price of $ 10.
Samsung Galaxy Metal Case This is a sheath that essentially is made from sheathed steel. The handset in question is essentially slipped into the casing and herein you get a reptilian looking combination that merges beauty with beast. This case was probably designed for user who leads a hardy life; it retails for the price of $ 14.

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