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Where is the Air Filter Located on an Oil Furnace?

    • 1). Look for a small grated vent in your living room, den, or dining room of your home; in some cases, this vent will be located in the hallway that joins a larger room to the rest of the house. Check all the walls in these areas to locate the vent that contains the air filter.

    • 2). Check in the floor of hallways that provide main entryways into larger areas in the house. In some cases, older homes were built with the vents built directly into the floor; look for a large metal grating that will be significantly larger than wall vents to locate the air filter underneath the grating.

    • 3). Call the home inspector, real estate agent or (if possible) the previous home owner for help in finding the vent that will contain the air filter. The builder may have placed the vent in an inconspicuous place, and these folks should be able to provide the information you need to find the filter.

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