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How to Adjust Outboard Trim

    • 1). Press the top half of the trim button on the end of the throttle handle to adjust your boat into a "nose up" position. Begin to accelerate to your normal cruising speed and keep an eye on your boat's speedometer.

    • 2). Toggle the trim button downward so that the bow of the boat comes down a little. Watch the speedometer for changes. Repeat, continuing to toggle the switch to drop the bow a little at a time while watching the speedometer.

    • 3). Stop changing the trim as soon as the speedometer shows an increase in your speed across the water. Toggle the trim switch down a bump at a time until the speed starts to drop then toggle the trim back up by bumping the switch. You've achieved the optimum trim for your boat, given the load present aboard, the motor and the hull of the boat.

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