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Cut Your Gas Prices

With the ever rising gas prices, many questions are also surfacing about how to deal with the costs of gas and what can be done to save money.
Although there are many ways to improve gas mileage and cut gas costs, one I've taken interest to is installing a Hydrogen Generator in your car.
What is a Hydrogen Generator? A Hydrogen Generator is a device that is installed in your car, truck, or SUV that allows it to run off of a combination of gasoline and water.
How does it work? In 1977-78, scientist Yull Brown discovered that if you add electricity to water, the molecules within the water separate themselves into a gas known as HHO (same molecules as H2O), or 'Brown's Gas.
' A Hydrogen Generator is a device that injects the energy released from the formation of 'Brown's Gas' into the engine to mix with the gasoline already flowing through.
This creates a slower energy burn and allows the engine to use the gasoline in your car more efficiently without any effort from you.
Why should I invest in one? Anything that can help save you money is worth looking into, and Hydrogen Generators can do that.
They have been proven to help boost MPG anywhere between 20%-50%, saving you hundreds of dollars each month! Not to mention the less damaging effect on the environment by use of water.
Where can I attain a Hydrogen Generator? Though Generators are not sold in stores because of patent arguments, they are readily available online.
Kits are usually sold around $100 but you can also search for DIY guides that usually only end up costing between $45-$65.
The guides are often very simple and require no automotive maintenance experience.
They can be built and installed easily over the course of a weekend.

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